My Beauties
Here you will see all of the products I offer for my product line.
Please check in often because I frequently update the product
pages with new items.

Depending on the type of design, the sizes can vary.
The cloths range approximately in size from 8x8 to 10x10

Our Prices are 5.00 each or Purchase 10 or more at 3.00 each!

Please put your choice of color in our comments section of our shopping cart upon ordering thanks!

Lacy Rib
Gives look of "lace" but is a strong knitted cloth.
Very dressy.

Sand Stitch
Little stitches that resemble "sand" with a lovely border. Another exfoliating cloth!
Quilted Diamonds
Little diamonds going across a lovely knitted cloth. How classy can you get!

Raised Triangles
Little triangles go across this cute pattern. So nice

Soap Bag
My own little invention so you can stick a nice size bar of soap, soap scraps, or even potpourri inside! You can choose any style washcloth to fit this lovely holder.
Grandmas Favorite!
Grandma's Favorite is certainly one that will last a long time!
Very durable, but soft to even use on BABIES!

King Charles Brocade
Interesting story -- got it's name from a vest worn by King Charles I of England on day of his execution in 1649. Originally, the vest was made in blue silk.