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This is where you can learn about my company and its history. I have been interested in starting my own business for many years and am excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking my business to the web makes the process even more exciting. Especially when I get to "show off" my designs and the enjoyment of people like you using them. Thank you so much for letting me share my favorites with you!


The objective of my business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for my customers. I hope you will enjoy visiting my web site and using my products as much as I enjoyed providing them for you.

Comments Section
"It is sooo pretty and soft!!" -- Ronda from California
"The soap bag is absolutely beautiful!" -- Deb from Kentucky
"I did receive your towel and I really like the color. You sure do put alot of work into them."-- Lori from California
"I loved the quilted diamonds washcloth. It's got a great, classy look, like something I'd expect to see in a high priced specialty shop".--Laurel T.
"I just know your site is going to do wonderfully! You're a dear, with a great product :)" -- Victoria from West Virginia
"I do like the soap bag. It would be great for all the little bars of soap. -- Melanie R.
"Thank you for the beautiful cloths! They are perfect for the baby baskets I am creating. They are all so special that I am going to put them in special gift baskets, like Mothers Day & New Baby." -- Mary from Colorado
"I really like the looks of your wash cloths." -- Jack from Missouri
They are soft and beautiful and best of all, handmade! - Victoria from Idaho
"Your little cloths that I use for the peppermint oil are working wonderfully! I know there are a lot of people out there who don't want to kill mice, but just want them to go away, and this method certainly works!" - Vickie from West Virginia
"I think your products are so unique!" - Cindy from Maryland
"Did not lose shape in the water (I was VERY surprised!) I am strongly considering the cloths as a Christmas gift (inexpensive and easy to mail) for loyal customers." - Jenny from Tennessee
"The bags are very cute and I want to put them in a set with my soap and a candle" - Lori from California
"I have received the cloths and they are absolutely beautiful and I am extremely pleased." - Dawn from Wisconsin
"Its wonderful.....so pretty! I used it last night...they are so pretty I almost didnt want to use it" - Lesa from Idaho
"I love it and it is so soft! thanks so much!" - Jody from Arizona
"This is definitely something I would like to add to our line in the future. Thank you so much! - Marge from Arizona
"It is very nice! You do beautiful work. " - Trish from Virginia
"I wanted to let you know how much I love the wash cloth you sent me. It's gorgeous." - Beth from New York
"Barb -what a wonderful cloth!" - Cher from Wisconsin
"I received the cloths and love them!" - Lesa from Utah